Knights of Columbus Geography Bee -- Information for Nominated Students

Congratulations to students who were nominated by their school to represent it in the Knights of Columbus Geography Bee!

The bee will take place Saturday, March 9, 2024 at Immaculate High School at 73 Southern Blvd., Danbury, CT..

Each nominee, whether able to participate or not, is asked to have a parent or guardian reply to the Knights per the invitation as soon as possible, in addition to notifying the teacher or principal, as the Knights will invite alternates so that each school can be fully represented.

You may be familiar with National Geographic's school-level bees. Our bee has some similarities to theirs -- we have open-answer questions about world and North American geography, and participants are not eliminated until missing at least two questions. However, our bee differs in a few ways: some of our questions feature Catholic content, and we include questions about our local region around western Connecticut. Below are links to more information, to help you know what to expect.

Please wear one of your school uniforms, ideally a version which has easily-visible identification of your school, to help you represent your school proudly. Rubber-soled shoes i.e. sneakers will be nice for the gym floor.

First through third place will receive trophies, monetary awards, certificates, and other prizes from the Knights of Columbus.

And of course the Knights welcome your family, friends, faculty, and clergy to come to the bee and cheer you on!

Below are some links you may find helpful.

How the bee runs

Typical topics in the bee

Conventions used in the bee (for example, what defines a "border")

Working through sample questions